5 Things to Do Now for a Greener Lawn Next Year

You spent a lot of time, money, and energy improving your home’s ...

Want Your Home To Be More Eco-Friendly? There’s an App For That!

Whether to promote pleasure, provide information, or to track things, there’s an ...

Tips for Going Green in The Laundry

Doing laundry wastes lots of water and energy. By following some easy ...

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7 Clever Ideas for Small Baths

Do you have a small bathroom in your home? Whether it’s tucked underneath the stairs or located off the hallway, don’t feel intimidated by the size of your bathroom as there are a number of clever ways to make your bathroom look better. So, stop stressing about the square footage! Instead, direct your attention towards […]

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Pruning How To’s

Shrubs are a desired element in landscaping for their eye=catching foliage and beautiful flowers, but their low maintenance makes them a favorite. Pruning is not difficult, but by having the right tools and following some basic guidelines, you can keep your shrubs looking beautiful for years. For most shrub pruning, you will need some hand […]

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How to Clean a Microfiber Sofa

Often you can make a room look newer by just cleaning an established piece of furniture. Microfiber sofas are popular, especially with families and pet owners, and can get dingy over time. Perk up your family room by giving your sofa a thorough cleaning. Before you start the cleaning process, vacuum the sofa, and don’t […]

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Going Coastal: Design Elements For a Coastal Touch

Going for a coastal design in your home doesn’t mean palm tree pictures and seashell edged mirrors. It is a feeling you bring to your home by incorporating certain design elements. Here is how to get an elegant coastal design without the kitsch. Take your color cues from nature and bring the outdoors in. Use […]

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Choosing the Ideal Foundation Plants

Foundation plants should enhance your home and add texture and color to your landscape. They can help your home look warm and inviting too, so a lot of thought should go into choosing just what varieties to plant. The main element you want to take into account is the architectural style of your home. A […]

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What To Include In Your Laundry Room Upgrade

Whether you are upgrading your laundry room or adding one to your home, there are things you want to include that will make it an enjoyable space to do those dreaded chores like washing, drying and sorting. Aside from the requisite washer and dryer, the most sought after item in a dream laundry room is […]

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